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26 avril 2024

The one app I use every day as a freelancer

The one app I use every day as a freelancer

The one app I use every day as a freelancer

Everybody talks about apps these days. This app, this app, it's all about apps.

And why I see the problem that people will just talk about being productive and end up not being productive , I've also used one app for the past 5 years and it's so incredibly useful that I wanted to quickly address it today.

The app I'm talking about is Notion.

If you've never heard of Notion, it's a productivity app which you can use to take notes, organize projects, track your goals, habits etc.

And it's very , very useful for freelancers.

Why ? Because it can do it all .

Let's take a typical day of a busy freelancer as an example. You wake up and instantly get reminded about upcoming deadlines via the app.

A client wants to add a feature request. Via the collaboration methods Notion has, it's super easy.

You feel like you're behind your schedule ? Simply view your progress in multiple ways and see that everything is looking good.

Notion can just do it all.

I think the best thing you can do is to experiment with it.

Because it's 100% free.

This is not sponsored by Notion in any form, I just love using their system to organize my life.

I also don't solely use it for freelancing, I organize a lot more with it.

So give Notion a try, it might change your life.