May 3, 2024

What I learned about my first project

What I learned about my first project

What I learned about my first project

So I’ve spend a decent amount of time working as a freelancer. But after all those projects, it’s always a good idea to look back on your very first project.

Therefore, today I will talk about the first time I did a freelancing project and what I learned in the process.

The very first important thing is that my first client did not come from a platform like Fiverr or Upwork.

In fact, I landed the client by sheer coincidence.

Let me explain:

I had worked on Notion Templates the months prior to that. Notion is productivity app and a Notion template has a premade structure which you can use to get started easier. People use Notion for all kinds of things like organizing their life, organizing their business, tracking their habits, working together with other people etc.

Anyways, I had built a Notion Template and wanted to sell the entire business to someone else. There is a huge industry for Notion Templates so I was writing to big creators convincing someone to buy the template from me. So I wrote to a big creator and he ended up replying that he did not want to buy the template but that he really liked the website I made for it.

He liked it so much that he asked me whether I could work for him. I said yes and that was the beginning of a 3 month collaboration where I worked on multiple websites for his business.

Now what can you learn from this ?

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I got lucky as it was not actually my intention to sign him as a client. But I tried someting else and he needed someone to build his websites and I took the opportunity.

Therefore, the best advice I can get out of this is that you should make notice of yourself. Share your work, get in front of people. The best things happen when you would never expect them to happen.

Ever since, I worked with other big creators but I still remember this project.

I hope you liked this story and learned something from it.