May 12, 2024

The story of working with a 7 figure entrepreneur

The story of working with a 7 figure entrepreneur

The story of working with a 7 figure entrepreneur

This is the story of how I worked together with a 7 figure entrepreneur for 4 months on several projects.

And the crazy thing is that I did not even ask for this. Well not really. Let me explain.

I had built a Notion Template. If you don't know Notion, it's basically an app where you write down notes and kind of organize your life. A Notion Template is simply a template for a specific usecase.

I made a template for freelancers and although people really liked the idea, few people bough it. So I wanted to sell it and did some outreach to people who sell Notion Template for a living.

One guy ended up replying that he did not want to buy the template but that he'd love to work with me on making websites for his business.

It turns out that he really liked the landing page I made for this template.

So we ended up working together for almost 4 months.

In this period of time, I learned a lot. Firstly, it was my first 7-figure client so there was a lot of pressure to perform.

Secondly, I learned a lot about making high-quality websites and that's a very important point most people get wrong. They think that they need to be expert in order to work with a big client.

But this story should really show you that this is far from the truth.

When he requested something I did not entirely was able to do , I simply learned to do it on the spot and delivered the result.

The lesson here is to realize that you are already capable to work with huge clients and make lots of money.

Trust yourself and get started today !

You got this !